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U-Pick Turkey Harvest; Vashon WA


Bring home your own freshly harvested turkey for Thanksgiving.

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Purchase a live turkey raised here on Vashon at the beautiful Circle Rock Ranch.  Harvest the turkey with your hands.  Bring the turkey to your table to feed your family and friends.  Come to know Thanksgiving as the joyful fruit of a sacrifice; at the very least, something more than Thanksforshopping.

Each class ticket includes a $25 deposit on your turkey.  At your pace, we walk you through humane slaughter, scalding, de-feathering and offal/giblet harvest.  The goal is to send you home with your wrapped turkey and with the knowledge to do it on your own next year.

These turkeys are growing low and slow on pasture, doing their part to become delicious.  We’ll calculate the balance based upon the dressed birds; $6/lb. will determine their final price.

Dress for cold and wet; bring a sack lunch.  We start in the morning and end when we’re done.  Block out the whole day to account for ferry travel and a full harvest.

Two Dates Available: Friday and Saturday November, 17th and 18th. Tickets: $295; limit 15.

Please ensure you read our “Student Signup Information and Policies” document.


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A glimpse of our last turkey harvest with Circle Rock Ranch.

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Nov. 17th, Nov. 18th


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