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Pig Harvest; Applegate, OR

In two days, we will take three pigs from the field all the way to the kitchen using only traditional methods.  Come be a part of the most essential act of peasant economy: killing pigs and putting up pork for the winter.

Slaughter day: Tuesday, Nov. 4th. You’ll learn our killing, sticking, hanging, de-hairing and eviscerating methods on three pigs, at their home-farm, while giving you a chance to participate. We will walk you through proper harvesting of innards and pass on traditional preparations for all of them.

Cost: $155/hands-on ticket.  6 spots available:

Butchery/Curing Day: Wednesday, Nov. 5th. You’ll carve both pigs to meet our farmer’s order.  We put the knife in your hand and walk you through traditional pork butchery.  We will limit ourselves to knives, cleavers and hand saws for bone, thus eliminating waste.  We’ll start our farmer with their own bacon, guanciale, proscuitto and any other specialty items our farmers want in their larder for the winter.  He wants one pig entirely cured; so that’s what we’ll give him. Salt, pork and patience are all that are needed: no nitrates involved.

Cost: $155/hands-on ticket.  6 spots available:

Each day we start at 9am.  We’ll give you the tools of traditional harvesting which eliminate waste, maximize nutrition and taste good enough to satisfy your soul, not just your hunger.

Bring bag lunches for each day you attend because we will be working into the afternoon.

Please ensure you read our “Student Signup Information and Policies” document.