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The Butcher’s Salt



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The Butcher’s Salt is a series of precepts like chapters in a book.  They range from five to forty pages in length. Each precept conveys information pertaining to one topic of home meat economy, ranging from everything I know about pig slaughter, to making bone stock.

They are formatted as PDFs that you can purchase then download individually.  They are also compiled into two hardcopy booklets for your page-turning pleasure. Our hope for the series is that they restore husbandry to prosperity by enriching your kitchen with solid peasant wisdom.


“Hey Brandon and Lauren,

I made bacon. I MADE BACON!!!!!! I’ve got several books about curing meat; I even went to a class in South Georgia about curing hams.  I started confused and got more confused the more people talked about this many days, this much moisture, this much salt peter, this much blah, blah blah…. 
So I read your chapter on bacon, followed the painfully simple instructions with painfully simple reasons behind them and before I knew it I had bacon!  I haven’t gotten a hold of a belly yet; I just sliced the fat cap and a bit of meat off a couple of ham roasts my wife had thawed for the crockpot. 
We’re still trying to figure out how something so incredible delicious can be shrouded in such absurd confusion and be so terribly easy all at once!  Thanks for all your hard work!
David and Tina”