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U-Pick Rabbit & Hen Harvest and Feast; Vashon Island, WA


“Of all animals rabbits are those that boys are most fond of.  They are extremely pretty, nimble in their movements, engaging in their attitudes, and always completely under immediate control.  The produce has not long to be waited for.  In short, they keep an interest constantly alive in a little chap’s mind; and they really cost nothing; for as to the oats , where is the boy that cannot, in harvest-time, pick up enough along the lanes to serve his rabbits for a year?  The care is all; and the habit of taking care of things is, of itself, a most valuable possession.”

–William Cobbett, Cottage Economy; 1833. Parenthesis in original.

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It is our pleasure to offer the harvest of tender Meatsmith rabbits twelve weeks from their kindling, paired with old retired hens.  This is a small-holder’s bounty of thrift.

In this class, you will learn how to kill, cook and eat what in our experience has become the most efficient source of meat and manure for the farming family.  As to scale and proficiency in converting otherwise inedible shrubbage into delicious provender, the rabbit is unsurpassed.  The hen gives us eggs, which not unlike oxygen from trees, comprise the life breath of any homestead kitchen; yet her ultimate gift is herself.

This class will equip you to rightly harvest a backyard layer and bunny, and to cook them expertly.  After the class, you will be glad that the old hen is no spring chicken.

One class offered: Saturday, December 9th.

Starting at 9:00am, we will settle the most important element of any work day: supper.  This involves the preparation of a previously slaughtered rabbit and hen for the pot that will be our midday meal.  Among other things, this will involve jointing a carcass without creating bony splinters.

With the goal thus fixed firmly in our imaginations and simmering in the pot, we will occupy ourselves with the means.  Each student will be guided through the artful killing of a rabbit and a hen.  You will then skin and eviscerate your rabbit, and scald, pluck and eviscerate your hen with an eye towards harvesting the offal and the culinary preparation thereof.

After a survey of a family-scale rabbitry, we will gather at the table where the these small animals are held in the highest regard.

After supper, you go home with a full belly and your expertly harvested rabbit and hen.

Tickets are $395 per person; 8 spots available.

Please ensure you read our “Student Signup Information and Policies” document.



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