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Cutlery Collection


This collection includes a sharpened high-carbon steel knife, the Cutlery precept from The Butcher’s Salt and Murray Carter’s DVD, “Blade Sharpening Fundamentals”.

With this collection, I offer you the gift of sharpness.  As someone who stubbornly beat his head against a wall for two years searching for sharpness, my aching head envies you the ease with which you can avoid such pain.  This is all you need.  The secret is not in a knife set, or even a cutting technique but in one sharpenable blade, the ability to sharpen it and the discernment to maintain it.

The antique knife in this collection is sourced, cleaned, sharpened and used by me (this is Brandon by the way).  I use the knife because it is part of my rotation, which has the added benefit of assuring you that it is up to the varied tasks of meatsmithery: slaughter, butchery, charcuterie, roasting, philosophizing and cookery.

As with all my knives, I follow Murray’s sharpening instruction to the letter.  The DVD is almost three hours long.  It will equip you once and for all not only to achieve sharpness, but to understand the sharpening process.  Of infinite worth to me is the free-hand approach.  Murray describes the short comings of jigs and angle aids focusing on giving you the skill to sharpen free-hand with one coarse and one fine stone.  Be warned: if you are not careful, this DVD can lead directly to condescension towards all knives but your own.  Try not to bunch the owners of said knives into the category of dullness.  In fact, this collection all but commissions you to spread sharpness far and wide.

In the Cutlery precept, I expound on how Murray’s method can be tailored to the complex demands of meatsmithery.  No one is more obsessed with sharpness than a meatsmith (except for my friend Murray of course).  In unrestrained fanaticism, I relay everything I know about knife care, handling, sourcing, storage, transport, ontology, sharpness, scabbards and more.


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