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The Film

To Kill A Pig Nicely: Thorough Instruction on the slaughtering of a pig – Trailer from Farmstead Meatsmith on Vimeo.

To Kill a Pig Nicely: Thorough Instruction in the Slaughtering of a Pig, DVD

Andrew Plotsky of Farmrun, erstwhile apprentice of Farmstead Meatsmith and consummate media artisan, has made another film with us and we put this one on a DVD. It harmonizes with our other films in that it is winsome and educational. Our goal was to show you every step of a proficient pig slaughter, including the curiosity of muscovy drakes. The camera stays faithfully at its post for the entire film, capturing the kill, the scald and scrape, off-screen conversation, the decapitation, the evisceration, the bleating of sheep, the posturing of roosters and the halving of the carcass. We felt that the Pig Slaughter precept in The Butcher’s Salt series provided quite enough words on the subject.  So the script for this hour-long documentation is one word.

This film is being offered as part of our Pig Slaughter Collection.  In my mind, the showing and the telling of so profound a mystery as hog slaughter cannot be separated.  Please find your way to this page for purchase of the complete educational set.

As of Nov. 2015, download version now available! Head to for purchase.  Please do also purchase the 30+ page Pig Slaughter e-precept in our store for the complete education.

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