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the table was the last to go in, it came from a kitchen remodel (craigslist) nearby and was someone's kitchen island.
In the beginning…Craigslist sink, $400, 4 years on the side yardbeams for trolley system, also craigslistmeatsmith meets blacksmithTree stump vicequenchingVashon contractor extraordinaire, Drew Meade.  He thought way outside the box.“Don’t worry Josh, the safety’s on.”nailing the scaffold as we liftlots of hands and scaffolding to lift heavy railfastening to the original headerAnother slab for the ‘freezer row’ outsideWalls and babies in bus tubsSalvaged tile it took me two days to clean, grinding off old grout and glueUncle Matt plying decades of finish carpentry experiencePanellingThe first guy we approached about restoring it said, “it’s a boat anchor.”spent $300, then had fix her up.the outside looked better than the insideFitting the refrigeratorentrance sliding door built by dear friend Andrew Plotsky of from reclaimed woodDoor slides on meat hooksMaiden voyagebest meat hanging facility, truly.  The humidity in here is perfect.our first antique butcher block from Reno craigslist, $100the stove works

Our Butcher Shop

Over the years, we have slowly acquired all the equipment for our shop.  Each piece is a salvaged artifact, from our 100 year-old butcher block to the 60 year old wood/propane stove to the 50 year-old trolley system redeemed from a local shop closing its doors.

Acquiring our tools this way has done more than merely keep our costs down.  Nothing helps you know exactly what you need like working without it for a few years.  Like our approach to livestock harvesting, we have created zero percent waste.  So in the spirit of regenerative agriculture, we offer you the butcher shop that craigslist built.



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