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Bring Brandon to your region and spread the harvest.

“Brandon brought an amazing presence to our International Conference in London in 2014. We had over 350 attendees from all over the world representing every sector of society including ranchers, farmers, health practitioners, impact investors, and educated consumers. Brandon speaks from the heart of a poet, explaining at every step how to maximize utility and flavor while honoring the animal’s life with the utmost respect. His ability to connect a diversified audience with a part of food production that gets far too little attention is unparalleled. The one-of-a-kind visceral experience that he brought to our event was unlike anything else. In our post-event survey and through ongoing feedback we’ve heard that this was people’s favorite session of our event and put their experience over the top. We cannot recommend working with Brandon highly enough; he is a true gem!”

-Chris Kerston; Director of Events and Public Outreach, Savory Institute


Meatsmith keynotes and demos customized for your audience covering a range of topics:

  • The husbandry of raising healthy heritage animals for meat.
  • Humane and traditional slaughter of livestock.
  • Curing for preservation not just flavor.
  • The simple arts of butchery and cookery and their interdependent relationship.
  • Processing unique to heritage breed livestock.
  • Harvesting lamb, goat, rabbit, poultry, pork and beef.
  • Complete overview of tools and supplies for harvest, butchery and curing.
  • Traditional Nitrate/Nitrite free meat curing.
  • Maximizing yield with the peasant approach.
  • Discussion of the differences between traditional  and commodity meat production.
  • Live butchery or curing demonstrations
  • Speaker at state, national and international conferences with:

45489_475738832490921_1692235512_n“Just a quick note to say thanks for the class this past weekend. Yes, I had a great time. Yes, I   learned a ton…what I also came away with was a lasting impression you made as an instructor. You are eloquent, patient and humble with a perfect measure of meticulousness, wit and warmth. Your ability to work with a spectrum of folks appears effortless. In short: I think you are doing a stand-out job at sharing the passion and skills you possess. I  left feeling enriched, engaged, enabled, even inspired. and I try not to use the word too often, but I was.  Big praise and admiration from me.”-Tamiae, former student

For conferences, crowd events, keynote addresses, lecture series, etc. Brandon can speak volumes from one hour of time to one or more days. Speaking can cover any topic related to the harvest of animals and can include demonstration for students.


To invite Brandon to your school, event or keynote, please email for scheduling and rates.