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Store items are unavailable for the rest of the winter. Check back in early spring as our membership site is on its way.

Welcome to Our Store

Our online store is the fruit of a Kickstarter campaign we launched some time ago.  We agreed with the supporters of our campaign that the rewards we created were ridiculously awesome.  So we have spent the last year developing a way to make these winsome and educational materials available to you.  They include a DVD on how to slaughter a pig nicely, several new precepts in The Butcher’s Salt series (including print versions), restored antique cutlery, T-shirts and more.

Not incidentally, we are actively engaged in our original projects: the outfitting of a mobile slaughter truck and completion of a custom butcher shop.  Our plan is to use the funds generated by our online store to finish both.

Over the years, we have slowly acquired all the equipment for our shop.  Each piece is a salvaged artifact, from our 100 year-old butcher block to the 50 year-old trolley system redeemed from a local shop closing its doors.  Acquiring our tools this way has done more than merely keep our costs down.  Nothing helps you know exactly what you need like working without it for a few years.  Like our approach to livestock harvesting, we have created zero percent waste.  So in the spirit of regenerative agriculture, we offer you our latest foray into regenerative economy.

Our products fall into three categories:

The Butcher’s Salt: Precepts for Meatsmithery

Tools of the Trade


My goal for the store is to add fuel to your affection for and participation in the abundance of good livestock husbandry.  As you might suspect, the essentials are simple and few.  And if you have a hard time fitting our freezer magnets into the “essentials” category, I ask that you regard them as the unfortunate symptom of a bad case of prosciutto-obsession disorder happily plaguing your grateful servant,

Brandon E. Sheard

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