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Livestock Harvesting


This is the heart of our work.  We consider the entire process to be a harvest.  It is not an end in itself but the means whereby food is created.  It is our primary goal that this reaping harmonize with the affection, care and sacrifice that the farmer put into the sowing.

The service of slaughter, butchery and curing for small homesteads keeps Farmstead Meatsmith sharp.  Each harvest is as distinct as each animal, farm and field.  By harvesting this way, on the animal’s turf, we have learned the meaning of peasant economy.

Standardization and economy of scale do not fit in this economy.  They are replaced by sensibility, discernment and patience.  Conditioned as we have been to the promises of assembly lines, the abundance that results from a more traditional approach can be overwhelming.

We have found that not only does quality suffer in the industrial setting, but so does quantity.  A peasant harvest results in more food that tastes better.  Where the industry standard disposes of sometimes more than 50% of hanging weight, to say nothing of live weight, we return 100% of hanging weight to the farmer and any offal requested.

This is our work and our joy.  It is our passion to bring it to you in the form of hands-on classes and educational material.