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Charcuterie is peasant food.  It is the food of survival for those who lack refrigeration and can’t afford to eat large portions of meat for every meal.  From the charcutier’s perspective, the less expensive extremities are the prime cuts: the feet, the organs, the head…

But good meat thrift is not why it has such a prominent place in high-end restaurants.  It is absurdly delicious.

It is our goal to bring this kind of food economy back to the homestead.

As peasant food, charcuterie and cured meat reach their best expression when simply prepared.  These are not complex recipes.  Therefore, we impart basic principles of brining, dry-curing and aging to get you started on making your own bacon, cured legs of pork, pâtés, salami…  We are available to you long after butcher day for charcuterie advising and recipe ideas detailing its best use in your kitchen.

Using these traditional methods of preservation, one pig can keep your family in meat for three years.  In charcuterie, quantity and quality are not at odds.